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The purpose of the DVHL is to promote, govern and improve organized hockey in the Delaware Valley area by authority of USA Hockey, Inc.: to foster among its members, supporters and teams a general cooperative spirit; to maintain and increase interest in the game of hockey; to have and exercise a general care, supervision and direction over the playing interest of its teams and players.


(updated 10/24/17)

Attention All Midgets!

Delaware Valley College Showcase and DVHL All-stars Scheduled!

   The DVHL is proud to say that working with the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference this year was a great success and we are doing it again this year!  Our first joint endeavor in attending their 5th annual College Showcase provided great exposure and opportunities for our players with the goal of continuing their hockey experience at the Division III College level.  This showcase offered our 18U and 16U All-star players the opportunity to meet and be evaluated by 20-25 of the regions D-III Colleges.

The event will be held at the Ice Works Ice Rink in Aston, PA the weekend of November 17-19.  During the showcase, we will be holding our All-star games!  Our 18U All-star game will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 11:00 AM.  Our 16U game will be held prior to that at 9:00 AM.   We look forward to continuing this for next season to allow our players this great opportunity!  More information will follow!

SafeSport Training and Refresher Training

We received new information from the Center for SafeSport regarding changes to Refresher training and SafeSport training.  There will be a blackout period when training will not be available.  NO COURSES will be available from Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern time until Monday, November 6, 2017. 

To facilitate this shortened interruption of service, please note the following:

      >  Even if users have an account on the existing system, they will need to create a NEW account when accessing the Center for SafeSport's new    platform.

      >  Anyone wishing to complete the existing course materials, including the refresher course, on the current USOC's must do so by Wednesday, November 1 at 11:59 PM EST.

      > Those who haven't completed open courses by this deadline, will lose their progress and will have to complete the new three-course SafeSport training, which will feature updated content.


The new SafeSport LMS platform and three-course SafeSport training (which will be available at https://safesport.org) will launch Monday, November 6.  Each of these three courses is approximately 30 minutes:

                > Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

             >  Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

                > Emotional and Physical Misconduct

After November 1, individuals seeking initial certification or recertification as dictated by USOC policy, will need to complete the updated, three-course SafeSport training.  Upon completion of the online SafeSport training, individuals will be certified for two years.  Again, users may continue to access the existing training on the USOC's through November 1.

A new SafeSport refresher course will be added to the platform in 2018.  This will be an abbreviated version intended for individuals who have previously completed the three-course SafeSport courses and need to recertify.  Users completing the SafeSport refresher course will be certified for an additional two years.

Delaware Stars Go Pink for Local Families

Oct 18th, 2017 by Jennifer Antonik Milford Chronicle

HARRINGTON - A young Ty Seigler wore an oversized pink ice hockey jersey Saturday night, asking everyone in sight if they wanted to purchase a bake sale item for $1. But to him, it wasn't about just $1.  "Would you like to buy a cookie? Or this? Or a rice krispy treat," he would ask. "It's to raise money for cancer."

For ice hockey players and their families at Centre Ice Rink, the sport goes beyond winning the game. Creating a family atmosphere seems almost as important, if not more.  "We are a family here," Sidrina Ruczynski said. "We go pink every year in support of our families that have battled or are battling cancer."  The cause doesn't stop at breast cancer, although that is how everything began.  "We started out four years ago by supporting the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, which is a great cause," Nicole Polisano said. "We raised about $1,000 and have every year after that. But, we realized there were so many hockey families dealing with cancer that we wanted to keep it in house so to speak."

Delaware Stars Ice Hockey, a nonprofit organization, is based at the Centre Ice Rink in Harrington, but teams travel around the east coast for games and events even in their pink jerseys.  "If there's ice hockey, we will travel," Ms. Rucyznski joked.  The group had to request special permission to wear pink jerseys reading "Stars Hockey Checks Cancer" with a pink ribbon to highlight their passionate plea. Their names and player numbers are still on the backs of each player.  "I think we're the only ones in the division to have that. It's pretty special. And they wear them all October," Ms. Polisano said.  Team and family members also gathered together last weekend to raise funds through their event Pink the Rink. Vendors came out in support and families prepared a bake sale to raise every dollar possible.  Next month, board members will gather to determine who should benefit from the month of donations.  "It's just what we do," Ms. Polisano added. "We have a list of I think three hockey families right now who are affected by cancer. And it doesn't have to be breast cancer. We donated money to a mom with thyroid cancer last year as well as a coach whose wife passed away from cancer. It's very important to us that we support each other."

Delaware Stars Ice Hockey plays throughout the year with each team playing about 28 games. Half of those games will be found on their home turf in Harrington. Although they play for a score, players like Ty Seigler may never forget the generous family spirit created by Delaware Stars' families when the going gets tough.  Donations can still be made through October by contacting the Delaware Stars at 302-398-5900, ext. 213. Or visit them online at http://dvhlstars.pointstreaksites.com/view/dvhlstars/home-page.

Rock for Hockey Scholarships

Rock for Hockey's goal is to provide material support to US born hockey players in the mid-Atlantic region that demonstrates a need for assistance in order to continue playing the game.  Potential recipients must demonstrate character as well as commitment to the game.  For more information on Rock for Hockey, please go to their website: www.rockforhockey.org



Safe Sport Program

An unmonitored locker room exposes the minor participants to possible physical and emotional harm.  It is the responsibility of each organization and coach to provide a safe program on and off the ice.

 According to the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Manual:  It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USA Hockey Member Programs have at least one responsible screened adult present monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room.  Acceptable locker room monitoring could include having a locker room monitor in the immediate vicinity (near the door) outside the locker room that also regularly and frequently enters the locker room to monitor activity inside.  If the monitor(s) are inside, then it is strongly recommended that there be two monitors, both of which have been screened.  A local program or team may impose or follow stricter monitoring requirements.  Any individual meetings between a minor participant and a coach or other adult in a locker room shall require that a second responsible adult be present.  The responsible adult that monitors and supervises the locker room shall have been screened in compliance with the SafeSport Program Handbook and District.

All local programs shall publish locker room policies to the parents of all minor participants that are specific to the facilities they regularly use.  The local program's policies shall include the program's (a) practices for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas; (b) permission or lack of permission for parents to be in the locker rooms; (c) prohibited conduct, including at least all forms of abuse and misconduct prohibited by USA Hockey; and (d) specific policies regarding the use of mobile electronic devices and phones and prohibiting the use of a device's recording capabilities.  A sample locker room policy form may be found at www.usahockey.com/safesport.

It is also reminded if more than one locker room is used by the team each locker room must be monitored.  Example, you coach a youth team that has both male and female participants the locker room for each must be monitored by a properly screened adult.

USA Hockey has now mandated that each organization have a SafeSport coordinator. A handbook is now available for all coordinators to download along with a copy of the different policies and required training of USA Hockey's and its member programs'. Please go to the website link: http://www.usahockey.com/SafeSport.aspx to review this new policy and to download all of the required paperwork for your coordinator!

Each club coordinator must take the course and download/complete their SafeSport certificate. All completed certificates are to be emailed to Pete Rothman, Atlantic District SafeSport Coordinator, at pete@rbcpa.net. All certificates must be completed by September 30 and sent to Pete for confirmation. The training website link to USA Hockey is: http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0042/6452/USA_Hockey_SafeSport_Program_Handbook.pdf or you can always find it on the SafeSport webpage at www.usahockey.com/safesport. For a copy of a coordinators checklist, click here!

SafeSport Program Required For Coaches

Emails were sent to all USA Hockey local programs, and to all coaches and referees registered in 2013-14, to notify them of the requirements for SafeSport Training for the 2014-15 season, and to encourage them to get a head start by completing the training this summer. Rather than copying you on all three emails, we are sending you this email with links to each of the emails below:

How to Take the Training

The SafeSport Training is available to take right now at no cost. The training was produced by the United States Olympic Committee and is comprised of short video segments that take approximately 90 minutes to complete, however, not all training needs to be completed in one session. You will need your USA Hockey Member Number, which can be obtained at
www.usahockeyregistration.com (under Member Options, click on "Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation"). If you are not currently a USA Hockey Member, you can obtain a Member Number to take the training by registering with USA Hockey at no cost in the Ice Managers/Volunteers category.

Information on how to register and access the SafeSport Training can be found on the website at
http://www.usahockey.com/page/show/909009-safesport-program-training-. Also, please be sure to select the USA Hockey SafeSport course as there are multiple courses available. The website also has links if you have questions about the training or on registering for the training.

More information on the USA Hockey SafeSport Program can be found at

Coaching Requirements

USA Hockey is now requiring that all coaches, both head and assistants, must complete the SafeSport Training Program.  This is in addition to accreditation, modules and screenings.  All coaching requirements are mandated to be received by December 31.  Screening by the Atlantic District is required to be completed by October 1 online at www.atlantic-district.org.  All coaches, both head and assistants, will be checked throughout the season, at our DVHL playoffs and Atlantic District tournaments.  If you do not meet the proper requirements, you will not be permitted on the bench!

For up to date Coaching guidelines on what a coach needs to coach a team, click here!  To confirm who needs to be a level 4, click here!

Reminder of what a coach needs:

  • Register as a member of USA Hockey!  Must be done before stepping on the ice, must be completed every year, and membership expires the last day of August (https://www.usahockeyregistration.com)

  • Attend a USA Hockey CEP class if required per above.  Must be completed by Dec. 31st.  Classes are only offered on certain weekends so sign up early, classes sell out. (http://www.usahockey.com/coachingclinics)

  • Complete an age appropriate module for the team in which you are coaching.  Online class is about 8 hours, must be completed by Dec. 31 and you only need to complete the module for that level once and not every year (http://usahcepmodules.flexxcoach.com/)

  • Complete an AAHA background screening check.  Screening is current for 2 years (season in which you take it and the following).  (http://www.atlantic-district.org)

  • Complete Safe Sport training.  Only needs to be completed once and must be done by Dec. 31st (http://www.training.teamusa.org/store/details/4)

Pointstreak Scorekeeper Training Aids

Below are the links for you to use for on site training for the Pointstreak terminals in all of your rinks.  Please feel free to use them to setup group training sessions if you need to as well as print them off for yourself to use!

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