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2017-2018 Season Code of Conduct

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To: Parents, Spectators, Players, Member Associations Delaware Valley Hockey League
From: The Executive Committee, Board of Directors Delaware Valley Hockey League
Re: League and Non-League Games

Introduction -- Spectator Conduct

The Delaware Valley Hockey League (DVHL) was created to promote competition and good sportsmanship at the Youth Level for any and all children wanting to play the game of ice hockey.  Discipline is meted out in accordance with all USA Hockey rules, and, in some cases, stronger rules in the DVHL.

Unfortunately, few rules relating to USA Hockey focus on parental/spectator/player conduct.  Over the past few years, there have been ugly incidents involving parents, spectators and players at hockey games in our area.  Fortunately, most parents, players and spectators conduct themselves in an orderly, sportsmanlike manner during games, and are a true credit to the sport of your hockey. For all of you, take this letter as a form of support, and understand the DVHL is ready to address the issue, so you can enjoy yourself watching your child's game.

For those parents, players and spectators falling into the very small minority of troublemakers, take this letter very personally, and be prepared to a long year, or to put it more succinctly, a very short year!  Your actions will cost your Club financially, result in the suspension and/or expulsion from your organization, and possibly cost your child valuable ice time. The attached policy statement regarding this issue has been approved by the DVHL Board of Directors.

It is proof the DVHL will not tolerate any lack conduct, sportsmanship or good will that the game of ice hockey is supposed to promote.  It will force each member organization to police its Club, and ensure the problems are addressed and corrected, either through suspension or expulsion from the organization.

While the policy statement appears strong, we must all realize we are taking the game away from the kids, and we, the parents, are the only ones that can give it back!

Agreed upon by all member Clubs of the DVHL.

A.M. Montagna, President
October 13, 1993
April 14, 1994
April 12, 1995
Colleen Marinari, President
April 8, 1996
April 9, 1997
December 9, 1998
April 14, 1999
April 12, 2000
April 12, 2001
April 11, 2002
April 13, 2005
April 12, 2006
April 11, 2007
April 9, 2008
April 8, 2009



All parents, players and spectators will conduct themselves in an orderly, sportsmanlike and professional manner when attending a DVHL League or Non-League game.  Any report of disorderly conduct in the rink, parking lot, etc. including, but not limited to the following will not be tolerated:

    1. Parents going on the ice.
    2. Parents going into the referees' locker room or opposing team's locker room.
    3. Physical abuse of referees, coaches, players or rink employees.
    4. Verbal abuse of the above participants, to the point of obscene, racial, ethnic or sexual slurs.
    5. Fighting among parents or spectators in the stands.
    6. Any problem with crowd control that results in the summoning of police.
    7. Any issues that are not covered above that result in loss of control by a parent, player or spectator.

All reports given to the DVHL by referees, rink management or either of the participating organizations will be reviewed by the DVHL as follows:

Upon notification, each member organization must investigate the alleged incident and send a written report to the President and Commissioner of the DVHL, outlining the incident, and action to be taken by each organization.  Under no circumstances will either organization minimize the gravity of the incident.  They will provide the facts as requested by the DVHL.

After review of the written reports, the Executive and Disciplinary Committees can recommend the following:

    1. Fines for one or both member organizations, as indicated below:
      • First Offense:  $150.00 and/or non-monetary discipline as determined by the Ex. Committee
      • Second Offense:  $300.00 and/or non-monetary discipline as determined by the Ex. Committee
      • Third Offense:  $600.00 and/or non-monetary discipline as determined by the Ex. Committee plus probation and possible suspension of League privileges, including playing of games and participation at District Tournaments.

    2. Suspension of parents, players or spectators involved in two altercations. Parents, players or spectators cannot attend any future games, League or Non-League. The parents, players of spectators Club will ensure the suspension is enforced. The suspended party must then petition the DVHL, through their Club, in person, for reinstatement.

If a parent does not abide by the rulings, the Club will suspend the parent's child from further play until the parent does abide.

Any suspended party reinstated after petition, involved in a third altercation will be suspended for the balance of the hockey season. The DVHL will recommend the party's expulsion from the Club, and will require a hearing before this party or their child is registered with any club in the DVHL.

Referees are authorized by the DVHL to utilize Zero Tolerance standards when addressing spectators and issuing reports on same.

The Clubs in the DVHL are expected to monitor their teams, including their parents and players.  These rules, while harsh, are expected to weed out the problems in each organization, since these parents, players and spectators cannot control themselves, and will certainly test the system.


Agreed upon by all member Clubs of the DVHL.

A.M. Montagna, President
October 13, 1993
April 13, 1994
April 12, 1995

Colleen Marinari, President
April 12, 2000
April 13, 2005

April 8, 2009